How to add products / variants to the monitor?

With Inventorify we keep track of your inventory so you won’t sell items that are out of stock

Here are three steps on how to add products/variants to the monitor

Step 1: Select Shopify products:
Choose the product you would like to monitor and click the “track selected products.” (see screenshot below)

Step 2: The monitor will mark all the products that their variations (on your Shopify listing) had a match to your vendor's page.

In case there are unchecked products/variants, it means that the monitor didn’t found a match between some of the supplier page variants to your Shopify listing page (could happen if you have changed the variations names manually)

Click the plus sign to expand the product and see exactly which product variations need to be manually fixed. (See screenshot below)

When done, click the “save to the monitor” button.
Please mind that only products and variants that are checked will be saved and will be monitored.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Inventorify works